ThiS WeekS LooSe EndS

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Daily Blog

It has been a crazy week, but something triggered yesterday. The “Forgiveness” post yesterday got a lot of traffic. If your week was like mine, and you missed it yesterday, take some time this morning and add your comments. There is some great stuff on the comment section, and most likely you will resonate with something on it. I want to hear your stories!

Other great blogs I read this week were:

This was an incredible post about leading yourself from Warren Buffet

I am thinking of the benifits of doing what Carlos does here

Phil Cooke (another far away mentor of mine, he has no idea who I am by the way) posted great tips for bloggers here

I wish our church’s website looked like one of these

And finally, I have really enjoyed reading Nick the Rockstar Intern’s post here. Side note; he is no longer an intern, now he is a Youth Pastor and blogs about real life as a young leader – but he is still a Rockstar – he dresses better than Ed Young Junior!

OH WAIT!!! Join with me today in celebrating the King of Pop’s 50th birthday! Yes you heard right it is Michael Jackson’s birthday today… Can’t wait to see how he continues to live his life! I don’t think we have heard the last from him.

  1. jennifer hutson says:

    Remember that church Thad and I talked about where we attended for years, spent all our time serving in the nursery and children’s ministries, and still weren’t known or appreciated by anyone? The church who only ever called us for money, a full year after we’d quit attending? The church which struggled greatly with sexual immorality issues by multiple elders? Well, that church appeared on the list of web sites you wish your web site looked like. So, keep in mind that a cool web site is only that — it is not indicitave of the kind of church experience you want to emulate. 🙂

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