Wedding Pressure

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Next week I am officiating a wedding.  Normally these things don’t bother me too much, but I find myself getting nervous when I think about this one.  I had to investigate my feelings to determine why.

Was it that this wedding is in an exclusive mansion?

Was it that this wedding is for my nephew, and all my relatives will be there watching?

Was it that the bride and groom live in L.A. and I haven’t had tons of time with them?

No, it was none of those things.  I mean it is weird to be up there in front of all the people that knew me when, and be the pastor pronouncing them married.  But that wasn’t it.  Outdoor weddings are nice and this one is on the beautiful grounds of a serious mansion.  I know them well enough to make this wedding personal, so it wasn’t that, or the location…

It all boiled down to this…  I know how stressful this wedding’s preparations are.  My wife and Sister-in-Law talk frequently, and it has been on everyone’s mind and agenda for months!  All the arrangements here and there, all the hustle and bustle, all the details to be worked out, the conversations about how this or that should be, what should be and shouldn’t be in the wedding, and all the what ifs that could possible happen!  I know more about this wedding than any other I have done.  I know how important it is that this one be “just right” because I know how particular all the preparations have been up to this point!  And that was the trigger.  Other people’s pressure is bleeding on to me!  I am taking all the worry and anxiety of everything being just right on myself now.  It is silly.  I am going to let it go.  Whew, there it went…

I know Justin and Tracie will have a beautiful wedding.  I know that everything will be “just right” because of all the people that are involved in it.  I know that “perfect” is a matter of opinion and usually unattainable… but I also know it will be exactly how it is supposed to be.  And if I drop a ring and the bride, groom and I clunk heads when we all bend over to catch it before it rolls out on the perfectly manicured lawn, that will be a great story we can tell Justin and Tracie’s kids, and our grandkids someday!

Have you ever felt like someone else’s pressures were bleeding onto you?

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