Another Reason To Love Twitter (and Monday Night Football)

Posted: September 16, 2008 in Daily Blog

Yesterday was a long day. I was so ready to turn on the Cowboys game last night for a brief escape from the realities of my world this week, and I was not disappointed. While the girls were doing a variety of things; homework, watching the Coco Channel movie, reading RSS feeds, I had a great time relaxing with the game on. The Cowboys are my second favorite team, only because growing up in Denver one didn’t get a chance to be a fan of another team. It wasn’t until college in Oklahoma that I began to discover the thrill of Texas Football, and since there isn’t a professional team in OK. you become a Cowboy fan. So there I was surrounded by women, (Jack was playing Playstation) I found camaraderie in the next best place – my Mac!

There was a virtual bar scene going on in cyberspace. People twittering from all over the nation back and forth as the game was one of the most exciting Monday Night Football games I have ever seen! Here is a view of what came in on my feed…

transplantingme @GrahamProuty what does that mean? terrell owens? is he at your house for dinner? he’s got gobs of money you know.

transplantingme @GrahamProuty of course, it’s monday night in your world. football. hope the ‘boys win. it would make chan most happy

pwilson Brian Westbrook is on my fantasy team. I just got a gift. Thank you Jackson for being so cocky and stupid!

jasonsalamun This game is driving me absolutely crazy. Dang it.

recreate What a game!!!

jasonsalamun Yes. Here we go. Let’s go Eagles.

(This one is funny, apparently not everyone is a Monday Night Football fan!)
loswhit National Geographic Channel just gave me the best 2 hours of my day. I love this channel.

jasonsalamun COME ON EAGLES! WHAT WAS THAT?!!!!!

jrinacworth Offensive coordinator is an idiot for that call.

jasonsalamun For cryin’ out loud. I’m going to bed.

cecillinke good job cowboys – now i can go to bed!

(here is another I am not sure about…)
jrinacworth The “Wiggles” weird me out just a little.

(and this morning)
jasonsalamun Little tired from staying up for the Eagles-Cowboy game but I’m pushing along with an Americano in hand from Starby’s.

jasonsalamun I’m getting a lot of crap about the game last night

It was fun! Kinda like hanging with people watching the game together from the comfort of our own homes!

This is the kind of thing that builds community – even if it is not in the same room!

You can check out Twitter here…

  1. and my last one that i didn’t actually post but meant to…

    transplantingme @grahamprouty don’t leave me hanging. it’s your job to twitter what’s happening for those of us who have no idea what’s going on, because “TO” and “this could get interesting” and “oh no…” and “two for to high scoring for sure” doesn’t really tell us all that much. especially when we’re counting on you to live twitter the whole game!! no time to relax, mr.

    and i don’t think that would have gone over the 140 letters allowed… 😉

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