Good Results

Posted: September 17, 2008 in Daily Blog

Monday I wrote about some of the issues our church was facing this week, and I wanted to give you an update…

First, the association our church is affiliated with stepped up with a generous gift! Our saving account was getting low, and to continue operating normally over the next few months we needed help. They showed up in a big way with a significant grant, and a no interest loan that will take care of our expenses into early next year! That is a GREAT relief, and will be incredibly helpful. Thank You so much!

Meeting with the Bank about our construction loan and debt repayment in the future was incredibly helpful too. They are so supportive and the meeting went very well. We should come in under budget in the end, but we are still financing a significant amount of money. Our strategy is still to lease space in the building out to other organizations (a public high school, and we are still working on another tenant) to provide a significant portion of the debt payment, if not all of it. We don’t want to tie all the church’s money up in a building – we want to use it to meet needs in the community and provide help to those in need, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

We are still waiting on a permit from the state to resume building. That seems to be tied up in some bureaucratic red tape at the moment. The things they are asking for clarification on is taking longer to satisfy than we had hoped, so by the end of the week we should be back in the building. The way it is now they can fine us $1000.00 per person per day if there are any workers on the site! They are letting us work on the road, so curbs are being installed now so we can asphalt soon. (Last week the school canceled Friday classes because the rocks they are driving on now sunk into the mud from all the rain and a couple cars got stuck! We need a real road!)

All this is coming together, just another reminder that our plans are subject to change at any time! Flexibility is always necessary in this kind of project, but sometimes I don’t like it. I did sleep much better last night, and the dread I held in my heart this week is dissipating! I may actually be in a better place today than I have been so far all week. And there has been an outpouring of prayer and encouragement from my online friends and I am so grateful for it! Thank you all so much!


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