I Hate PC’s

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Daily Blog

We have three computers in our house.  Two of them are work machines, one of them is a PC.  I am a Mac guy, in case the title threw you…

With two bloggers and four kids in the house they are usually on and running something; from homework to games, from Facebook to email, they are going all the time.  I have a wireless network set up, something even I can do on a Mac.  For a long time I was using the PC for my Bible study software, but thanks to Logos, there is a Mac Beta out so now I only need the MacBook – what a relief!

That being said, the PC was a secondary machine that I kept some spreadsheet stuff on, and it was used by whom ever needed to do whatever, but it was always secondary to the Macs in the house.  It must have not liked its place in the line up because last week it rebelled.  Everything worked fine, except it forgot it had built in wireless somehow.  It cannot find the network, it cannot even find the internal hardware and drivers so it knows it could find the network if it wanted to!  I have no idea how to fix it.  This happened once before, but we soon realized there is a switch on the outside of the case that you can turn on or off depending on whether you want it to use the built in wireless or not…  embarrassingly it took us a while to figure that out that it had inadvertently been switched off, but we eventually did.  This time I cannot figure out what to do.  The help screens don’t work, and I cannot get it online to download new drivers… I even re-loaded it, and have tried everything I know to do.  But this is a primary reason I love Mac’s over PC’s!  You can spend (and I have) hours trying to solve problems that you have no idea why they were even created in the first place… For a long time if you chose Mac over PC you felt like you were speaking a different language than anyone else, but those days are over… so my question is this… why wouldn’t you buy a machine that works, instead preferring a quirky, frustrating, time consuming computer that whips you every chance it gets?

And just to finish this post out – what is it about you, that special thing you can do – that you forgot about?  We all have certain abilities and talents in us, are you using them or have you forgotten that you can?  Reboot your life today, and make sure you are using everything in you that you can to make a difference in the world you live in!  (and make the switch to Mac, don’t believe the propaganda PC is selling… check this out…)

  1. Michael says:

    It’s all about what you want out of your machine. I want to be able to choose my hardware and specifically control all aspects of my machine as well as run anything I want. Especially games. You can’t do that with a Mac.

    And as far as the ad goes. Seriously? Is anyone really surpised that the ad agency that put things together for Microsoft used Macs? Of course not. There has never been any doubt that Mac rules in graphical software and editing, and Microsoft is not trying to challenge that with their ad. The ad is just saying that most real people, doing most of the work, over most of the world use PCs, which is absolutely true. There is no doubt that PCs are massively favored in any work environment and in most homes.

    I wonder why that is if they are so hard to use?

  2. Graham says:

    Masochism. Pure and simple. And if I was as good with computers as you are, I would probably have built my own laptop computer by now!

    I hear that many manufacturers of Projectors use pc’s… hmm..follow link to learn more!


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