“Okay, but that means…”

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Daily Blog

Yesterday was a really busy day for me.  Some guys from our church met for breakfast at 6:00 AM.  Which meant I was out of the house before any of the kids got up.  Afterward I came home and studied for a while, then had a meeting from 3:30 until about 9:00 PM.  Trish went with me to the evening meeting.  Trish had gone to get Jack and Hope, and The twins were picked up and dropped off at the house after we had left.  I saw Jack for probably 2 minutes before we had to leave to get to the meeting.

As the meeting was winding down and we were talking to some other people there, Trish called to make sure the younger two were going to bed.  She talked to Jack on the phone and told him to go to bed.  His response was priceless…  “Okay, but that means I haven’t seen dad at all today.”  And he hung up.  I love that kid!  It almost makes the difficult task of getting him out of bed in the morning tolerable.   Almost.


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