Beating It To Death

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Daily Blog

So regardless of your candidate of choice, your political views, your belief in who will lead us into the next phase of the political climate, can we agree on one thing? Enough is enough… I appreciate the analysis, and think it is fine to present both sides of the issues, but can we move on? Both candidates did great last night, there probably wasn’t enough in either’s side to sway anyone one way or another, so lets move on. I would love to be able to turn on the radio, or the television without another group of people thinking they have all the “right” insight and understanding and digging into every word like it held the key to the election. I know every four years we have this to look forward to, but I am fed up… too bad the elections and the Olympics cant be scheduled at the same time so we at least have a diversion from all the politics!

Don’t get me wrong, I think politics are important, but I also think one man (or woman) isn’t going to change the course of our future when it seems the entire system is so messed up. But that’s just me…


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