Sick Of Not Sleeping

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Daily Blog

I am tired, and have been for a couple weeks. Lately I cannot sleep to save my life. I am really tired when I make the trek down the hallway to the bedroom, brush my teeth, take out my contacts, but about 5 minutes after my head hits the pillow my eyes pop open and I begin the tossing and turning that usually lasts the rest of the night. We made a big mistake many years ago when we got our first “family” dog. He gets to sleep on the bed. The alternative at the time he was a puppy seemed so much worse, his head thrown back in a howling posture with the intensely high pitched half barking noises coming out. We had been through sleepless nights before that; raising four kids has a way of keeping you up, but nothing compared to this! So 8 years later the dog sleeps on the bed… and now the dog from Texas does too. (I made a deal with Trish, if we moved to Texas she could get another dog, so now there are two.) These seemingly smallish dogs become sheep dogs in bed. They take up so much room and are a royal pain in the behind, so I am constantly kicking and pushing and fighting for leg room and covers – with the DOGS!!!

Added to that whole issue is about 10 years ago we bought a cheap bed from Denver Mattress. It was very affordable at the time, but a few years into it, it began to get uncomfortable. And ten years later it is just bad… I would love to replace our bed, get a bigger one, and find one that is really a good one, but have you seen how much good beds cost? I really don’t think I will buy another cheap one either…

So these things really seem to be contributing to my sleepless nights, but I cannot blame them for all of it. Trish and the dogs and I have been sleeping on this bad bed for years, so it cant all be blamed on them, (dogs and beds) some of it has to be work related. I have been stressed lately, big stress. Big things have been happening the last few weeks with the church and the project. Things that go round and round in my mind as I ponder, contemplate, worry… things that keep me up at night. I know I shouldn’t worry, I should shut all these thoughts off after 5:00 anyway, but this is all very big stuff, and even though I know it will all work out, and even though I trust God in all of it, I still find myself thinking and wondering and kicking dogs, and tossing on a bad mattress and not sleeping – and I am sick of it!


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