Posted: October 7, 2008 in Daily Blog

I am thinking about truth today… partially because my kids are involved in a difficult situation with a friend at school, and partially because currently in our culture there is a huge battle between political parties that seems to boil down to truth. In both situations, and in most situations, truth will prevail.

You can tell people what they want to hear, and you can convince people that you are right, but eventually time wins out and shows people’s character, values and reveals their true self. The problem is it just takes time…

And during the time we are waiting to see people’s true motives, values and character, it can be a long wait. Sometimes you don’t even see it until they are long gone. Sometimes it takes months or years before you realize the person or people you believed in are fake, self centered, or of low morals. Sometimes the people that are of high character and qualities are the ones vilified and put through the rumor mill. In the end, all that matters is that you do the best you can to be a person of truth, regardless of the outcome, regardless of the way people see you, just keep doing the best you can.


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