My Girls At The Palin Rally

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Daily Blog

Yesterday my Twin’s 9th grade class went to the Palin rally in Colorado Springs. It was a great time for them. They wound up at first in the field, way in the back, until a Secret Service person approached them and asked them if they would like to be closer to the stage behind Sarah Palin. They or course agreed, and he escorted them up to be RIGHT BEHIND the stage! They had the opportunity to see the Palin family up close, and even talk some with Piper. We watched from home and saw both of them and some of their classmates on TV. It was very exciting! Here are the pictures from the rally, and one from the TV network. My daughter Taylor is the one wearing red, right below Sarah’s right hand, and in front of the white Palin sign. Alison was talking with Piper, so you can see her turning around to talk. Alison got a great shot of “Sarah’s really cute high heels” but I will spare you that picture… the shoes didn’t do much for me.

It was a great experience for them… they are quite blessed!


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