Wait For It…

Posted: October 22, 2008 in Daily Blog

This time of the year here in Colorado, everyone is building with anticipation. The first snowfall is one of celebration, a reminder to everyone that the seasons are in fact changing… It starts in the mountains where the overnight lows have been low enough for snow for about two weeks, and eventually on or before Halloween we have snow. This time of year anything goes… you never know if you need short sleeves or long, or just a heavy winter coat! It is a teaser to all those that love winter sports, skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and even those most opposed to winter love the freshness of the first snow of the season. Personally, I look forward to the first one that is big enough to shovel, make my car slip around, and mute the shapes of everything it piles up on – then after that I have had enough! They say it is going to be a tough winter, I hope not – we have a building to finish, although it should be closed in soon. We are projecting a January open date providing no major snow delays!

So here it is… the first picture of snow on our porch of the season… a pretty weak amount, about the same we had in Dallas once and it shut down the whole city! About the only thing this one was good for was getting Jack out of bed! “Jack it snowed! Come see!” And he popped up out of bed – a feat usually only reserved for Saturdays and early summer mornings of fishing with Grandpa, but I’ll use all the help I can get. Then I’ll blog about it!

  1. oh. so snow means snow days. and having kids in two seperate school districts means way to much fun. especially since the younger two are in a school that rarely ever – and i mean like almost never – closes.

    but yay for the snow!! (i’m a bit envious and bitter.)

    Snow days are great! We love to sled down the hill in front of the house, but separate schools will mess things up – I can’t wait for the first “that’s not fair” when one school is closed and the other isn’t! We can send you some snow if it would help soothe the wounds! We just cannot guarantee it’s quality during the shipping process.

  2. Nick Strobel says:


    I can’t believe you guys are going to have a January Completion date! That’s so stinking exciting it’s not even funny! Our Christmas Vacation is Dec 21-30, and we are with my lovely wife’s family this year which equals your neck of the woods. I know we will be in South Dakota, I don’t know when or where we will be in CO yet (either denver or CO Springs)but i will give you a heads up if we will be around.

    We would love to catch up, so give me a call!!!

  3. Michael says:

    There’s no doubt that amount of snow would shut down all of DFW. We have a cold front blowing through right now, and the redio stations are already gearing up for school closings and delayed starts. 🙂

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