Early Prayer

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Daily Blog

I was invited by the head of the counseling department at a local school to come and pray for their program this morning.  It is scheduled for 6:15 AM, and the funny thing is this is the only day of the week when I actually have a conflict at that time.  Usually I would be making coffee for Trish and I, making sure Jack is up, and watching the news, but not on Tuesdays.  On Tuesday’s I get up to go meet with some of the guys from church.  We have a good time talking about our weeks, our marriages, and God.  It is early but well worth it.  We haven’t been doing it long, maybe a month so far, but it is a good thing for all of us.  So today, I asked one of the other guys to facilitate the discussion and I will join them as soon as the prayer time at the school is over.

So right now it is 5:52 AM, I am running a little ahead of schedule and I thought I would blog before I leave instead of waiting until later and posting late.  Which probably means I will mess around on the computer for too long and then be late to the prayer!  I better get going… See ya tomorrow.


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