More Than I Imagined

Posted: November 10, 2008 in Daily Blog

I knew Sunday’s time at our new building with our people would be a great time to think about the future, to learn about the building and get people excited, but it was more powerful than I imagined. Most of our people had not been in the building, and in fact only a few of them had ever even seen the design plans, so the tour we took of the 37,000 square foot building was eye opening for most of them. I even had one of our new attenders come up to me in awe asking about how we were doing all this. We are leasing out much of the space to a junior high and high school, that lease payment will cover the loan payment, so essentially the church people aren’t strapped with huge building payments! It frees up so much money to do what churches are supposed to do in the first place, help people, instead of build huge, beautiful but expensive buildings that sit idle most of the week.

I Had asked our people to come prepared to write Bible verses, prayers, and thoughts on the floors and studs. After the tour, we sang a couple songs, I shared a short message talking about how this building is an incredible tool for us to use to help people, but the church isn’t a location, it is each one of us, and we take it with us as we walk through our weekly lives not just attend it once a week. Then I dismissed them to go and write all over the building. They responded amazingly, and it was an amazing thing. Some people wrote what God has done for them, some wrote their prayers for others, some wrote Bible verses that had special meaning and hope, some left encouraging words for the staff and people that will come, some wrote, “here lies Kevin” (our worship leader) just for fun. It was a great thing, even more special than I ever imagined. Knowing these words are going to be behind the drywall, under the flooring, and on the beams, will give us inspiration, hope, and confidence in the coming years. It was a powerful experience that will have long lasting impact.

Thanks to all of you that came and participated, I know you were moved by the experience. If you would like to participate please leave comments below and I will get them in the building for you!

Enjoy these pictures of the event and have a great day!


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