Are You Smarter Than A CEO?

Posted: November 12, 2008 in Daily Blog

I love Phil Cooke, he is doing some amazing things in the media industry and has great insights on his blog. This week he posted some very encouraging news he heard about intelligence. As success in school is measured by the grades you receive, success in the world is not. As I was taking some seminary classes a few years ago trying to juggle the demands of work, home and my personal life, Trish and I had a joke, “what do you call a pastor with a C average?” Answer, “a pastor.” Seriously, how many of you ask your doctor what kinds of grades he or she got in med-school? So if you are like me, these stats Phil shared from his post were very encouraging…

50% of CEO’s were C or C minus students
65% U.S. Senators were in the bottom half of their class
75% of U.S. Presidents were in the lower half of their graduating class
50% of millionaires never finished college

When it comes to leadership, it’s not just about intelligence. After all, many college faculties are filled with brilliant people who will accomplish very little in their lives. When it comes to leadership, never forget character, competence, chemistry, and passion.

Passion fuels your purpose – not intelligence.

Success in life is more about your passion than your smarts!!! Thanks Phil! I needed that!


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