Local Conference

Posted: November 13, 2008 in Daily Blog

I am kind of excited about today. I love going to conferences, learning new things, the music, the speakers and the energy in the room. I haven’t been to a conference in a long time, because typically it is a very expensive proposition; you have to fly to where the conference is, stay in a hotel, pay the entrance fee, eat out, and rent a car…. you get the idea… So a new church start is a few years from ever being able to afford this kind of thing for the staff. (It is extremely valuable to take a team to a conference and well worth the money) So I was thrilled that a conference is in Colorado Springs on “The Missional Church” a new buzzword in the church community that essentially stands for churches getting back to the basics; meeting people where they are in life on their turf, taking care of practical needs like painting houses, caring for orphans and homeless, and doing the things that the Bible says we should be doing in the community, and not expecting the community to show up at the church’s door when they need something.

One of the speakers is Eric Swanson. His book about doing church differently was foundational to what I believe a church should be doing. I am also thrilled becase as part of the “church planters” network here in Colorado Springs the event is free for us!  I am taking two other people with me today, so it should be great!  I will keep updates going through Twitter and Facebook, so if you are interested follow me there.  And I will post more things that may be interesting tomorrow!


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