In Their Point Of Pain

Posted: November 14, 2008 in Daily Blog

At the conference we attended yesterday the main speaker, Eric Swanson, made a statement that I thought was absolutely perfect.  He said, as we attempt to make a difference for Christ in people’s lives, we need to “meet them in their point of pain.”  It was a beautiful statement in a world where so many are struggling with so much, and for so long the church has responded with judgment instead of compassion.  If we truly want to model the life Jesus lived, we have to be willing to go into the heartbreak, difficulty, and messiness of people’s lives; instead of distancing ourselves from those struggles, we need to join the broken and hurting in them.  And if we are honest with ourselves we must admit that we all have broken and messy parts in our own lives.

This concept came true to life last night as a close friend stopped by late struggling with life.  Trish and I stayed up listening, sharing, and empathizing with them.  It was hard, as through the tears we offered support and encouragement and prayers.  There is no judgment, no condemnation, only hope and love in these kinds of situations, and we all need people around us willing to help us through the painful situations of life.  When was the last time you were met by someone in your place of pain?  When was the last time you met someone else in their place of pain?  Knowing we are not alone, and people are willing to roll up their sleeves and meet us there, offering encouragement and support through those times will make this world a better place, and take us back to the place where understanding how Jesus lived and wants us to live makes a huge difference in a life where hurt and uncertainty can be overwhelming.


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