All Skate

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Daily Blog

oldskatesBack in grade school one of the more popular places to take fun field trips or schedule a “social” event was Skate City. I remember having bittersweet feelings about going to the place. I loved the loud music, but could not skate well. I loved the snack bar, but hated the prices of snow cones (I mean come on, its ice!) I loved the Foosball table but hated Pac-Man. I absolutely loathed the “Couples Skate”. For that reason alone I would have gladly skipped the whole experience. There is nothing like a DJ calling out all those scared to death of girls, unable to skate without flailing one’s arms around like a windmill, elementary aged boys. Lets highlight the fact that my friends and I would stand at the wall and watch all the girls skate with the boys that had much better confidence and skating skills than us! That is always a good esteem booster…

So here is the thing… Many of you are standing on the wall watching everything happening out there on the floor. Today I am asking you to take the first step and contribute to the conversation… don’t be shy, don’t sit back and order snow cones while playing Foosball… tell us about your life. We don’t bite, I promise…

Here is today’s all skate question…

In your life, how did you create community with others? What are you involved in that brings people together? What have you done to cultivate friendships with people?

The reason that I ask is this: over the past few months I have met with several people going through incredibly difficult times. In most cases these people have other people willing to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty while walking through these difficult situations. Without community around them it would be so much more difficult to make it through life, so how are you developing relationships with people?


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