Every Night This Week

Posted: December 3, 2008 in Daily Blog

This week turned into one of those super busy, must be Holiday season, can’t believe I scheduled all this on the same week, weeks… (and not one of the Ed Young Jr. weeks, that would have been way more exciting!)

Monday Night: Springs Rescue Mission.
Tuesday Night: Jack’s Birthday and Conference call with Church Board members.
Wednesday Night: Lacrosse practice and meeting between Church Board and school Board.
Thursday Night: Associational Christmas party.
Friday Night: Church Christmas party.

So far we have nothing down for Saturday night, but there is a Lacrosse game in the morning… I am looking forward to these things but miss the kids and wish that I hadn’t booked so much in one week. Yesterday my first meeting started at 6 am and the last phone call with a Board member ended at 11:30! That makes for long days! It’s all part of the job – and my right now my thoughts are, make sure you love what you do because if you don’t, working long hours takes all the joy right out of you!


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