Is This Wrong?

Posted: December 4, 2008 in Daily Blog
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My “office” is in my bedroom. My desk sits in front of our bedroom window so I can look out the window at Pikes Peak because I love the mountains (right now the view is blocked by the clouds). Today the temp outside is under 20 degrees and it is snowing. It has gradually gotten worse and with as cold as it is the snow isn’t melting any time soon. So it is building up on the streets all over the city and I have a front row seat overlooking the road behind our house. So as I am sitting here studying, reading blogs, and writing this I am watching out the window waiting to see one of these “I have a four wheel drive so I can go really fast on snow” people spin out of control and hit the median. (There went a school bus going really fast!)

Is it wrong for me to be waiting expectantly to see someone bounce off a curb?
Have you ever found yourself waiting expectantly to see someone else mess up? Why are we like that?

  1. Chris says:

    What you’re explaining is the only reason people watch NASCAR…

    You may be absolutely right! Thus my enjoyment of watching the slipping and sliding must be justified… NASCAR is the most popular sport in America right? So if all those people do it, it must be okay!

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