And You Give Yourself Away

Posted: December 5, 2008 in Daily Blog
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“And you give yourself away,” some of the lyrics that stick with me from my super huge U2 fan days, but powerful regardless of when and where they came from. Giving yourself away, or serving others, seems to be all the rage right now. There are Voluntourism (click this link and look at all the options!) companies that actually help you plan your vacation to go and help others. I think it is a great thing and encourage everyone to find something to pour their life into that helps others.

As I talk with people experiencing very difficult things in their lives, I always suggest, (when they are through the hardest part,) that they do something to help others. Turning our attention to someone that we can help changes the focus from our difficult situation and brings hope to others. That hope we provide is such a satisfying thing in our own life! Sharing hope with people is revitalizing and helps refocus us on what is important. No matter your circumstance, walking away after helping someone else gives you an inner joy that will change your life too.

Here are some other reasons (he used an acronym) to serve and help others from David Foster:

I serve because serving:

Re-centers my life.
Encourages others.
A cure for loneliness.
Sharpens my skills.
Opens up new possibilities.
Never goes unrewarded.
Shows people I’m serious.

Serving also helps build community in your life. Authentic community helps you get through life’s difficult times. Find somewhere to serve today; and if these ideas have proved true to your life, share the story with us! We would love to hear it!


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