“I Love You”

Posted: December 8, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Saturday night we loaded all the kids, (after some conversation that essentially went like, “turn off the video game you just got for your birthday, you are going because I said so! We WILL spend some family time together!”) and their grandparents in the minivan and headed downtown to watch the Parade of Lights. It was packed! There were tens of thousands of people there and the parade went on and on. We all had a lot of fun and we may even make this part of our regular Christmas tradition. There were all kinds of floats with all kinds of lights, and my personal favorite was the Chick-Fil-Et float that had people dressed in their trademark cow suits doing the Chicken Dance…

But the most ingrained memory I will take away from the event happened right in front of me. Because of all the people we were packed in like sardines, at least 8 deep on the sidewalks, and we were right behind a group of people that had brought lawn chairs and were camped out on the curb. As a high-school band was marching the route, a lady had maneuvered her way in front of us, she had a passion for getting to the front that I didn’t quite understand until she began calling her daughters name. He daughter was in the marching band, and as I watched her get her daughters attention I watched her say (it was loud so I couldn’t actually hear her) “I love you!” to which her daughter responded from the marching line, “I love you too!” It was so precious to see this interaction, and even more so unexpected in the midst of the thousands of people lining the streets and involved in the parade itself. I never would have believed that in the mile or so of parade route, and the mass of people, the duties and expectations of those marching, and the sheer busyness of it all that this mom and daughter would have been able to share this brief exchange at all. But they did.

As we approach Christmas, there is so much going on; the parties, the people, the shopping, and the time spent with family, my prayer and hope for you is that you would connect with the One, Jesus Christ, that loved you so much He sent His son, the reason we celebrate Christmas. He is calling you from the sidelines trying to get your attention in the midst of the busyness and saying, “I love you!” Will you see it?


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