Icy Roads

Posted: December 9, 2008 in Daily Blog
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We had another snow event last night. Not much in the way of accumulation but due to the warmer yesterday and the sudden front moving in, there is lots of ice and snow drifts making travel difficult. We have a delima at our house, as one school is closed and the other is on a two hour delay, half of our kids are thrilled and the other half are walking around disgusted by the unfairness of it all! I had an all day meeting scheduled today on process coaching that I am supposed to learn and go through so I can lead other pastors through it. We have one car that gets around on ice, thanks to TransplantingMe (they gave it to us when they moved to Thailand), and one that cant even get up our driveway when it is like it is today, so I got Trish up early when she could have slept in and we headed out towards the meeting location so she could drop me and have the good show car the rest of the day. We were nearly there and got a call that the other people involved couldn’t make it in, so it was canceled! we turned around and headed home, but that got me thinking…

What was the worst thing that has happened to you while driving in snowy weather?

What did you do when you had a snow day from school?

  1. i would find that so frustrating! the almost getting there part, not the canceled part.

    since i grew up in texas snow day is a bit of a misnomer. we had there is a tad bit of ice somewhere in the metroplex days. which meant we burrowed in and prepared for the worst!!

    It was frustrating! We could have slept in!

  2. i do have a favorite car and freezing weather story. one winter the driver side slider got frozen shut on the red van. and we could not get it thawed. even once the weather warmed it remained unbudgable. turns out if orange juice gets in the track and freezes it becomes very similar to super glue!!

  3. Angie says:

    We missed a Stephen Curtis Chapman concert. We were driving from the Springs to Denver in really bad weather. When the van in front of us did a slow 360 we turned around and made it home safely, but very bummed to miss SCC! Never inquired about a refund.

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