A Bad Day

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Daily Blog

Yesterday was a tough day around our house.  The snow the night before created havoc all over the city and in our home.  But it got worse from there.  Trish’s phone has been giving her fits for a couple months now, it just drops calls for no reason, but it has gotten worse.  I had a 5-minute conversation with her yesterday and during that time it dropped the call 3 times, and she was sitting still!  She isn’t due for an upgrade because she managed to use her upgrade on my phone, so now she is using the twin’s old phone and hates it.  Having to learn a new phone is a pain.

But that still wasn’t the worst of it.  Our dishwasher has not been draining the water out of it at the end of the cycle.  So instead of calling someone that knows anything about dishwashers I tried to figure out why it was messing up.  I may have made it so much worse by accidentally breaking the plastic tabs that keep the sprayer arm in place… oops.  And it is so frustrating because I knew I should not have been messing with it!  I have no business fixing appliances – I just shouldn’t do it!  So now I have to try to figure out what to do next, maybe glue the tabs back on? I have to do something because the plastic is all molded together and is the entire bottom of the washer, I cannot see replacing the whole thing because of a small broken plastic piece!

Overall it was a pretty bad day. I find it so interesting to see things we complain make our day difficult, a canceled school, a canceled meeting, a broken phone & appliance, and it wigs us out. Yet there are so many people going through so much worse, I am thankful that we have a home, a job, our health…  Complaining is okay for a minute or two, as long as it helps you realize how good you really have it.  And if that realization never comes, hang out with a homeless person for a little while.

  1. trish says:

    You are so right, thanks for the reminder! I should not be so upset about little inconveniences but instead grateful that I have a phone or grateful I have a dishwasher even if it is broke. Thankful I have a husband who is willing to try to fix it.Thank you for trying.

  2. call a repair man for an estimate. you might be surprised what can be done. but have the super glue ready just in case…

  3. cadillaczak says:

    Hey man! LOVE THE BLOG and tweets! I’m adding you to my link love…

    THANK YOU! That is so encouraging! I have enjoyed yours (tweets and blog) so much too!

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