Sign On The Bottom Line

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Daily Blog
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Last night we officially got the vote from the School Board to accept the lease terms and rent space in our building.  In this current age of high building costs and the difficulty involved in all the permiting and building codes, it takes a miracle and a millionaire to build a building.  Churches get so wrapped up in their building debt that they cannot make a difference in their communities in the way the would like.  So for years we have seen churches start up in schools.  Why not switch the model?  Why not begin to build buildings that are specifically designed to be multi purpose buildings?  The partnership of a school and a church makes good sense, Schools meet weekdays, Churches meet weekends, the building gets used 7 days a week. The weeknights are split so the Church can do it’s community reaching activities, and the school gets nights to do their community building or sports activities.  It is a win win, but there are things that must be collaborated on, things that must be compromised on, and things that have to be thought about differently.  We see this kind of jointly purposed space in the retail sector, a Target with a Starbucks, Taco-Bell or Pizza-Hut in it, why not figure out ways churches can do the same thing?

We are doing it.  We are almost completed with our new church building that will house a high school for our local school district.  It took some time to work out the details with the schoool and to build a lease document that works for both organizations, but we did it!  Last night the school board approved the lease, today it will be signed and delivered!  The school is excited, our church is excited, and we are looking forward to seeing how this partnership helps both organizations.  The building is the exciting part, the negotiations can be the tedious part, but the outcome is benificial for everyone involved!  I am so thankful to their board, our elders, and the men that came up with this idea in the first place!

  1. trish says:

    It also took lots of work from you, so on behalf of the church and all that will
    benefit from this, Thank you for your work and all the sleepless nights and worry.

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