iPod Fanatic

Posted: December 23, 2008 in Daily Blog

Last week I was rummaging through a closet in our house that houses all our “hardly ever used junk that we refuse to get rid of.”  (Do you have a closet like that?)  As I oppened a box that I hadn’t seen since Texas.  In the box was my first iPod.  It is white and the old style that has a really small monochromatic screen compared to the ones today.  It had stopped working, and the newer video models had come out, so it was a good excuse to get a newer one.  After I found the old white one in this box, I decided to charge it up and try to sync it just for fun.  Sure enough there was a fix for a clickwheel problem on this particular model.  It downloaded, reset, and sync’d without any problem!  So now I have a retro iPod as well as my others.

I began thinking about how many iPods our family has as was suprised by the answer: Two iPod Shuffles, two iPod Nanos, two video iPods, one iPhone, and a resurrected 2G white iPod.  That is 8 total iPods!  The twins have bought their own, I bought Trish one for Christmas last year, and she has been so good to me over the years with the video and iPhone.  It seems though, we are sold out to iPods and are collecting them like crazy.

So what do you collect?  What have you found yourself hanging on to in the hopes that it will someday work again?  Have you ever looked at your stuff and thought, “how in the world did I wind up with all these?”  Share it!  We want to hear, (and I want to be sure I am not alone in this!)

  1. Guruzazu says:

    Wow sounds like iPod city at your house!

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