Building Commnuity In 2009

Posted: December 29, 2008 in Daily Blog
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I love building groups of people.  I love Creating community where there has been none.  I love bringing people together to love and support one another and enjoy being together.  I love groups and groups of people connecting and growing and learning.  I love it that yesterday when we went to lunch there were like 18 people sitting at a table together.  (one long pushed together table!)  I thrive on that kind of thing.  So when we had a really low turnout at church yesterday I was disappointed.  Especially coming off the previous week (our Christmas service) where there were lots of people.  I wish it wasn’t this way, but for me, the more the merrier and I want as many people involved as we can get.  Not because the numbers are important, but what happens in these groups is important.  People that encounter difficulties in life are surrounded by others that love and support them through it.  People that have experiences that others need can share it with them.  People can accomplish more good and help for those in need together than we can alone!  There are so many reasons to be involved in community, I want to see everyone in one!

As you approach the New Year and you consider your resolutions for 2009, think about making “getting involved in a community” one of them.  If you already attend a church or are in a small group, think about making your attendence there a priority.  I am keenly aware that most people’s attendance at Church or in a small group gathering are just over 50%.  There are all kinds of things competing with church in people’s lives, I would ask you to consider how much of a priority you make it in your life, and move it up a notch or two in 2009.  Good things will come from it!

  1. Cecil Linke says:

    Great new pic on the header – my photog wife loves it!

  2. Graham says:

    Thanks man! We found a great photographer out of Boulder… He and his wife spent a couple hours with us shooting photos for Christmas… It was a blast. Check our their link on the right side – Sue will love their creativity!

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