Donated Furnature, American Idol & Loose Ends

Posted: January 14, 2009 in Daily Blog

I missed American Idol last night… (if you have read this blog for a while you know I am an Idol fan) and these early episodes are the ones that are really fun to watch.  We don’t have TVo so I need you to write in with your highlights from last night’s show.  Use the comments section to tell me about the bad singers!  Based on your comments I may or may not try to watch it on-line later

This morning I am taking a few friends to ENT to pick up furniture they are donating to us.  It is so cool of them, they have a huge storage room full of desks and chairs they have replaced,  and are letting us take our pick of how much and what we want for the new building.  Very cool of them!

Still haven’t heard  about the car.  Hopefully it will be done soon and not too expensively.  AND I should mention, most people that ride in the car with me comment on my driving ability (lack thereof) so I can’t fault Trish too much for her suggestions and concerns of my driving habits.


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