Without It

Posted: January 21, 2009 in Daily Blog
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Our internet had been down for three days.  It somehow broke Sunday night.  Monday when Trish called they said there was an outage in our area and in about four hours it should be fixed.  We waited the four hours and still no internet.  She called back, they said it was our converter box, bring it in tomorrow (Tuesday) and they would replace it.  Tuesday she took it in, they checked it out, and the box was fine.  They wrote down some numbers and told her that in about 45 minutes they would program something and take care of the problem.  She brought the box home, I plugged it back in, we waited 45 more minutes, and still no internet.  They said they would send someone out to the house to check it out.  We waited and waited.  No one called, no one came by.  At about 5 PM Trish was going to call again, but decided she would check it one more time.  It was working.  Finally.  We aren’t sure how or why, but the somehow got it fixed and we are happy…

So, here is the question; what is missing in your life.  You might not even realize it, but you are walking around unable to connect with someone or something.  Is it joy, peace, contentedness, relationship?  Is it God?  You look around at others that you know and they seem to have something you are missing, or you just feel incomplete without it.  It may take some effort to get it going, you might need to find someone to help, but don’t stop trying, searching and questioning until you find it.


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