Can You Believe It?

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Daily Blog

I have a deal with my kids, one that actually started with the pastor of the church I started ministry in, or at least that was what I was led to believe.  The deal is straightforward and simple, if I use one of my kids names in the sermon on Sunday, I owe them 5 dollars.  That is what he did, and he shared the idea with my kids, and so they all talked me into it.  It is supposed to help keep them out of the sermons as illustrations and I get it, no one wants their home life talked about in front of a bunch of people. So I really try not to use their names if I share stuff, so no one knows who it is about and so I don’t have to spend the money!

So Sunday I was sharing with our people about how Jack would grab both sides of the door frame and scream, “I don’t want to go!!!” when we would leave him in the preschool when he was young.  (The funny part of it was that I was the Children’s Pastor at the time!  Great endorsement for the areas when my own son wouldn’t go!)  So I accidentally used his name, cringed, and then explained the 5 dollar deal.  The pastor’s family that supposedly had been doing this was there  yesterday, so afterward one of them said something to my wife like, “I don’t remember that deal!”  Interesting… the kids in that family don’t remember that deal, and I began to wonder if it was really a deal after all!  Maybe it was just a funny anecdote he used to make me poor and make my kids rich… maybe he knew all the illustrations that I would have to think twice about using, because some funny stuff happens in our house!  Maybe he felt sorry for my kids now that his are all out of the house or something… I am not sure, but regardless – can you believe that a pastor would make that up?  I mean, aren’t pastors supposed to be perfect or something, don’t they know they cannot tell lies, make up stories, and lead people astray?  Don’t we put them up on pedistals and believe they should be above all the craziness we fall into?  Should’t they treat their families perfectly, never have a down day, and never be prone to mistakes?

No, pastors are not perfect.  They are made up of broken messy insecure parts just like you.  They sometimes speak before thinking, act out of anger or selfishness, or miss the point completely. They can destroy themselves just like anyone by giving way to the things they struggle with.  They are real people too with real struggles but are saved by God’s grace just like you.  But Iwas still suprised and can’t believe he told my kids that story and I have been paying them 5 bucks when I use their names!

  1. monica says:

    oh, i so can’t comment on this one…

  2. trish says:

    hahahaha I love you Monica!

  3. Angie says:

    Sounds like they will definitely pay attention. Not that they didn’t before…maybe this “other pastor” just wanted to give them that gift…

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