Final Preparations

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Daily Blog
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We are down to the last week on the building project! We have had delays from Door Manufacturers, Elevator Installers, and most recently the big ice storm delayed our bathroom dividers. They are still in an all our press to get everything finished, so next week starts final inspection week!

There are 12 final inspections we will attempt to get done in 6 days. We are really pushing for an occupancy by Friday February 13th. Not sure that is the best day to pin our hopes on, but… It is so exciting and frustrating at the same time! To be this close, and yet have so far left to go. I have already ridden the elevator, played with the sound system, and today or tomorrow will dig a hole for the mailbox! If it wasn’t illegal I would begin officing out of the building already! Most likely the church will begin meeting in the building for the first time on February 22nd. I can’t wait!

I will take some pictures today and post them over the weekend or on Monday. Have a great weekend!


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