Posted: March 12, 2009 in Daily Blog

We need occupancy for the school that is leasing space in our building.  It has been a frustrating process that reveals all the bureaucracy and difficulties of working under guidelines, laws and requirements.  We have seen a system that sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t, and it has been a long, long journey.  We have had to obtain permits from the State, and from our local regional building agency.  The process has turned up a couple problems with how the regional department checks out their plumbers, and the State has not been impressed.  But today we have reached a breakthrough!  The State Department of Regulatory Affairs (D.O.R.A.) has processed the paperwork and registration we have been waiting on in RECORD SETTING TIME!  You hear stories about how long it takes government to get things done… well let me tell you the folks at DORA were amazing.  They went above and beyond to help us fix a problem that we (the church) didn’t cause but could have paid dearly for in time and fines.  They really went the extra mile for us.  In less than 24 hours they took us through a process that usually takes 2 weeks!  They were a true example of excellent customer service, and I am so appreciative of them all.  This allowed the Department of Oil and Public Safety (D.O.P.S.) to issue us a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (T.C.O.) until the final plumbing and electrical DORA inspections are approved. That means as soon as the DOPS inspector comes down today we will have a TCO and the school can begin moving in!

Thank you DORA and DOPS!


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