Spring Break Begins!!!

Posted: March 20, 2009 in Daily Blog
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With the first day of Spring, the school district we are in begins Spring Break. They have two weeks off, which is unusual for most districts, but I am sure fun for the families that have kids in these schools. (our kids attend charter schools, so they only get one week off.) Last Sunday in nearly every conversation I had, someone was telling me they would be gone this Sunday! I think we may have 25 people in church the next two weekends! But I think getting away with family is one of the most important things we can do.

My family is taking the following weekend off. A friend of mine has set us up with a cabin in Woodland Park. I will turn off my cell phone, go internetless, (good news – We are supposed to get internet at the church today!!!) there is no T.V. and we will just have quiet (as quiet as a family of 6 can be!) family time… I am really looking forward to it.

So what do you do for Spring Break? Do you look for warm destinations or cold, do you pack it full of activities or kick back, if you stay at home, what do you do to make it fun for the kids or feel like a break? For you international friends, what, if they do it, does spring break look like where you are?

  1. monica says:

    our break (called april break) happens the first two weeks of april. it coincides with the new year (songkran)and Easter. and will include lots and lots of water throwing. you can’t go near the old town without getting a bucket of water tossed on you. many take this time to travel, to get out of the heat. it’s forecasted to be 105 and up.

    songkran is what changed s9’s opinion of thailand. he loved it and thinks it is the best holiday ever!!

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