Not Just Me

Posted: March 31, 2009 in Daily Blog
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I am not terribly computer literate.  That is one of the reasons I love Mac so much.  I know there are things I sacrifice, but with advances in technology that is getting less and less.  With my Mac I can usually do anything I want with very little worry about messing something up or having a serious system error.  If I don’t know how to do something, I can Google it and usually there is a discussion board somewhere that will walk me through my problem.  The days of PC users only programing for PC’s is over, there are many Mac users out there, and it is becoming an accepted platform now.  (When I first started using Mac’s there was an outcry in the office and the promise of “if you buy it, you are fully responsible for it, and I cannot help you!” from the IT manager.)  I have not only used them since, but have actually requested them when I transferred jobs in the past, not that it would have been a deal breaker, but it would have made me very unhappy if they said no.

So all this leads to my latest problem…  My twin daughters are approaching driving age and for them to get their permits they have to have a certain number of hours of training.  No longer is the training done in schools, now you have to go out to private companies and pay them for it.  We did our research and found one that does one on one instruction at a reasonable price and signed them up.  There is a 30 hour on-line component that they have to go through before they can do the hands on driving with the instructors.  And therein lies the problem.  For some reason the embedded videos on this website will not play on either of our Macs.  We have done the required Flip4Mac download, tried Windows Media Player, and a plethora of other things, (one of my friends set me up with the Mac guy from Best Buy and he spent about an hour trying to help us.  He downloaded things I had never heard of and nothing worked! This guy knows his stuff and has pay for programs that handle even the oddest codecs and formats.)

For weeks I have been thinking this was our problem, the weird Mac people with no tech support available; but now I realize it is really this companies fault.  In the world of YouTube, Podcasting, and on-line video access so easy kids are doing it, it is really time to step up and make the video files available to all systems.  It shouldn’t require searching endlessly for an outdated program (IE6 not supported since 2005ish?) when there are easy fixes.  I was actually relieved after spending hours trying to solve the problem to learn it was not just me!

It is not just you either… when you are in the middle of your problem it is easy to look around and think it is all you, you and you alone are the reason, the cause and have to be the solution…  Not true.  Others have struggled with the exact same thing you are; other people can’t make it work without help either, and the cool thing is, this guy I have never met was willing to hang in there with me to try and find a solution.  There are people around that want to roll up their sleeves and help you too, no matter the mess you are in.  If you truly want help, it may take time, it may take effort, it may require admitting you have made some mistakes, but there are people that will come along side of you and help you.  Even if they cannot solve it, they will let you know it is not just you!


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