Posted: April 6, 2009 in Daily Blog

For years Trish and I were used to spending a couple hours alone together in the evening.  The kids would have a regular bedtime, usuall around 8:00, and we would get to talk, watch T.V., read, whatever… But as our kids have gotten older and older, we have seen that nice quiet alone time disappear.  Now our Twins stay up later than we do!

I had heard that teenagers come to life at night, something to do with their body’s natural rhythms, but now I can attest to that first hand.  It never fails, the closer it gets to 10:00 PM the more talkative they get.  It is almost as if they wait until their younger brother and sister go to be to begin unpacking their days with us.  I love it because, for now at least, our kids love to talk to us about stuff!  That will probably change soon, but as I see how quickly they grow up, I am really enjoying this time with them.  I with I could hang on to them forever, but as their Freshmen year of High School wraps up it seems like the next 3 years are going to fly by!

I am not a fan of staying up late, I would much rather get up early than go to bed late, but time is short so I will adjust.  I am begining to wonder if we got more sleep when the kids were infants!

So here is the question: those of you with teenage kids, when did you get more sleep, when you were waiting and worrying that they would get home on time with the car in one piece, or when you were waking up at 3AM to feed them as babies?


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