Easter Photo Of The Day

Posted: April 13, 2009 in Daily Blog
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Is it Christmas or Easter… hard to tell in Colorado…


It was a awesome day, 177 people, that is our all time high and as a church plant we are THRILLED! The Spirit of God was thick among us and we have much to celebrate!
Thanks to all of you that stepped up and made it an AWESOME Sunday!  We had people shoveling, valet parking, mopping wet tile, and doing so much to make people comfortable. One of my friends that had a illness attack his nervous system two years ago WALKED IN TO CHURCH!!!  (he has been in a wheelchair during his long slow recovery!)  A young lady that had a baby Monday and a blood transfusion Thursday was there too!  There were many people that were there for the very first time and the relationship building will continue…  It was a great day…

  1. Nick Strobel says:


    That is amazing-I get excited when I see your blog pop up in my reader-it’s cool to see God move in your church from SC, but it’s got to be a lot cooler for you to see firsthand. Hope you feel encouraged in what you are doing

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