Numbers Aren’t Everything, But…

Posted: April 21, 2009 in Daily Blog
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A funny thing happened Monday.

To set it up though you have to know a couple things; first for about a year after I started the position I currently hold, our church only ran about 40 people.  That included kids.  That included our family of 6.  It was that way for what felt like forever!  Then things started to change…

February 1st of 2009 we began to see an increase in people not only coming to our church, but sticking with us.  We jumped all the way up to 55!  by then end of February we had a high attendance week of 106!  We had a baptism service and our new building was preparing to open, but we had definitely established a momentum that was creating a buzz and a lot of energy.  We moved into our new facility and have been in for about 6-8 weeks, and held our grand opening on Easter weekend, we even had an awesome Good Friday service!

Easter Sunday we had 177 people!  We didn’t advertise other than putting out one Grand Opening sign and two vinyl banner signs with our church name and logo.  Our people were asked to invite, and our presence in a neighborhood was well received as we are attempting to be a “neighborhood” or “community” church.  I have no doubts that people don’t come because of my talents, our Worship style, or anything other than that God.  He gets the credit here, not me, our church or anyone else…

Last Sunday we had 116 people.  Many were return visators from Easter, we have had really good feedback and will continue being who we are called to be… I was encouraged, but this is where the story gets funny.  One of my close friends said to me Monday, “the numbers felt low on Sunday.”  And he was serious.  How quickly we get used to a crowd, we had one Sunday (a holiday & our Grand Opening) that put our numbers 3 or 4 times where we were for an entire year and all of a sudden we are used to and expecting those numbers.  We miss them when they are gone, and in some cases we will do anything we can to get them back.  Is that a bad thing?  Maybe, but I know two things for sure… if we are doing church to attract the “crowd” and don’t deliver the Word of God and have an opportunity for people to Worship Him and connect with one another we are doing it for the wrong reasons… Numbers are important because every one matters to God.  Every one person we have come to our church is one person we can help and hopefully point to God and connect with others.  My prayer is that we point a lot of people to God because every one matters…

That includes you by the way…

  1. bumpyjourney says:

    awesome! God is at work!!

  2. whew… glad someone else said it first, because i was thinking the numbers seemed a little down, too!! 🙂

    way to go!! i know it has to feel great to see so much growth!!

  3. Graham says:

    IT is freaking awesome, but we clearly know who is responsible for the growth… and pray that He keeps using us to reach people.

  4. Michael Lockyer says:

    Like you said, keep preaching the Word and Christ will take care of the little things. Becareful of catering/pandering to the crowds while compromising the Gospel!
    Keep up the “Good Work”!


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