Motive to Serve

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Daily Blog
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Service is a buzzword these days.  Servant leadership, serving the less fortunate, service industries we hear it again and again, especially in churches like it is some new ministry model (Christ was a servant, I believe He started the idea…).  Truthfully, sometimes when we do service things, my motives are off.  I do it to feel good about myself, or to look good to someone else, but truly my desire is not to have an agenda – I just wish I could get it right more.  Here is why I want to serve, I hope to internalize this quote much more over the next few weeks…

The great motive of service is the realization that every bit of my life that is of value I owe to the Redemption; (Chambers, O. (1996, c1930). So send I you  : The secret of the burning heart. Hants UK: Marshall, Morgan & Scott)

My hope is that I serve out of love, compassion, mercy and justice; reflecting those things to others that Christ offers me everyday.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Graham, interesting topic to bring up. I agree that the topic of service and why we serve can get heavy. I believe that we are called to serve and we serve because we choose to listen. KISS- keep it simple sweetheart.

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