Junior High Essays

Posted: April 28, 2009 in Daily Blog

My middle daughter wrote a great essay the other day and I asked her if I could share it here… She loved the idea, so here it is:

Words are words

What is a person without emotions? A bird without a song, a grassy plain without grass, Colorado without mountains.

How do you show true emotions? By not saying anything, yes words mean things but not even the strongest word will ever say what I say. “I am speechless” “ there are no words” “I feel frustrated or even loathed” yes, I am mad. Those words are emotional words but not emotions. Have you ever felt that you wanted to be at peace but you weren’t? You were frustrated or mad even loathed at friend or at anyone. . I’m there. This year I have had many emotions but, more than words more than anything. Can every word really show my emotions? Emotions are what make a person. You could be the smartest person but have no emotion so they are no one. Emotions are everything; more than words. Emotions are me!

She is awesome & this is totally her!  I love it!


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