Sweet Pea and Mango Body Wash

Posted: May 4, 2009 in Daily Blog

My son Jack and I live with a house full of girls.  Not that I mind, I love them all very much, (not sure Jack does but that is a different story for another time) but there are times I have to wonder what is going on around me.  One of the ways living with this many women drives me absolutely crazy is that the majority of the products purchased have a bent towards girly.  Most recently this showed up in the shower.  We were out of Shampoo and Body Wash in my shower, and I asked Trish to pick up some at the store the next time she went.  She gladly obliged, which I appreciated, but what I didn’t appreciate was the purchase she actually made.

It is in my opinion that Shampoo and Body Wash should be manly smelling, like “Old Spice” or something, anything other than “Sweet Pea and Mango.”  I would gladly pick up some soap called “Axle Grease,” or “Lawn Clippings.”  I really like the Paul Mitchel Tea Tree stuff because not only does it have a manly smell, it stings a little, which makes me think it is working!  Sweet Pea and Mango sounds like a drink a country club member orders at the quarterly social event, not a “scrub off the funky smells of manhood” kind of soap.  I think Bath and Body is great, and when I go looking for a nice gift for Trish, that is a great option… but what we really need is a hygiene product line for men that we can pick up at Lowe’s, right next to the Lumber Isle, and hey, maybe “sawdust” might be a good shampoo line…  just sayin…

  1. aroundsolong says:

    this could have been your top posting if you had named it Axle Grease instead of Mango whatever!

  2. Michael says:

    Manly and body wash don’t generally collide in the same sentence. Personally, I just rub myself down with a warm piece of concrete or sandpaper in a pinch. I figure the top layer of skin will take the dirt with it.

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