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Posted: May 5, 2009 in Daily Blog
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Last night was our night to go the the homeless shelter again.  I am always amazed and moved by so many things that occur during these nights, and last night was no exception.

It began with a call from a friend going wanting to bring some things to give to some of the homeless kids; a DVD, teddy-bears, even a doll house.  Great thoughts and awesome desire to encourage some of the kids there, but he wasn’t getting the idea that whatever we do to help these folks needs to be portable, even for the kids.  I know some of the people we serve have places to stay that may have TV’s and DVD players, but most of the people we see there, that aren’t in the recovery program, don’t.  He was amazed that even the kids had no place to stay, I guess the assumption was that these people stayed in the building we serve in, but there is not residences in the mission we go to unless you are enrolled in the recovery program.

The friend I have discussed a few times on this blog participating in the program is doing well.  He is really funny and last night I was getting him to share his story with some of the guys that haven’t been coming with us long.  He started by telling them that he used to have a $3million roof, but the facilities in his domicile were somewhat lacking…  He lived under the nearby overpass.  He went on to explain that he would panhandle for enough money to buy enough liquor to last him the rest of the day and most of the morning, until the liquor store opened again, each day.  That he lived in a state of inebriation, and one night when the temps went to 11 below he decided to ask God for help.  God revealed to him that he needed to enroll in the program, he did the next day!   He has been in recovery now for three months and is staring his fourth month!  It is so cool to see him turning things around.

Last month I met another young man that was on his first day of the program, yesterday he was celebrating 90 days sober.  Another was 30 days sober, and I met a new guy that was starting out day 1 in the program.  Great things going on there…  unfortunately we have seen a decline in participants because a couple months ago the buss schedule changed and the city dropped the free shuttle because of expenses.  There used to be twice as many people there for meals as there has been the past couple months.  It is troubling to see how dropping free services creates problems for people that are really depending on those services.

Going to the mission is one of my favorite things to do.  The Bible talks about transformation a lot.  It describes how God changes us from the inside out like metamorphosis, so what is left is completely different that what was started with.  I see this kind of transformation happening in not only the people that are participating in the recovery program at the mission, but also in the people that are just there for a warm meal, and all the way to the people of our church that don’t even think about having a roof over their head, warm water and restrooms, food… until they spend some time with those that have little.  We have so many people hooked on going to spend time with people at the mission we might even begin to pick up a second night!

Transformation is awesome…  it is always moving me.

  1. Daren Brake says:

    I can relate to the power of seeing a life transformed by the power of God. I work in a homeless shelter and no matter how many times I see it, it is always moving. It really shows how with Christ all things are possible.

  2. […] I have blogged here before about my friend at the Springs Rescue Mission, (catch up here and here)  and last night he told me there was an AP news article about him out, so I asked him if I could […]

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