Imagine Judas…

Posted: May 20, 2009 in Daily Blog

Imagine Judas was on your team, in your inner circle, part of your core ministry group, a partner with you in your mission.  Imagine knowing that he would betray you to your death.    Imagine allowing him to be aware of your movements, your actions, your purpose and treating him no different than you treat all the others.  Imagine knowing for three years or so that he would trade all the good times you shared together for some cash.

Imagine loving him anyway.  Imagine washing his feet, just like the others.  Imagine praying every day for him, pouring your heart out for the man’s soul. Imagine the brokenness you would feel for that person, the one you pondered, prayed for and loved, when he was seized by guilt and killed himself thinking his life was of no value because he lets people down.

Imagine loving people that are unlovely.  Imagine loving people that have been hurt and hurt others.  Imagine allowing people to get close to you, knowing that they can and will hurt you, but hoping that in the closeness somehow there is an exchange that rubs love off on them.  Imagine loving someone so much it kills you, even if they don’t deserve it.

Imagine what a church would be like if they could only learn to love Judas like Jesus did.  Imagine that you may have been Judas to Jesus in your life too.  Imagine if the people that love you gave up on you because you hurt them.  Imagine where you would be if no one invested in you, took a risk to love you – even when you were unlovely.  Imagine that Jesus died for all the Judas’s of the world.

Who is your Judas?  Surprisingly you will most likely find them not to be the ones you think they are…  and it may even be you…

  1. trish says:

    This is great!

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