Loyal Love

Posted: June 9, 2009 in Daily Blog
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As I prepare and study for the weekly talks I give at our church every week there is a word I run into again and again in the Bible.  It is the old Hebrew word “Hesed.”  I enjoy finding this word in a variety of places, but it is always strategically placed to indicate how God feels towards people.  The word means “loyal love” and is usually found in statements like, “I have loved you with a loyal love.”  It makes me smile because I have found that true in my life.  God has loved me loyally again and again, even when I don’t deserve anyone to be loyal to me, He has kept loving me the whole time.  Sometimes it is not until later that I recognize and understand that He was there the whole time, but looking back at my life there is no question about it…

What does being loved by a “loyal love” look like to you?

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