Push and Pull Marketing And The Church

Posted: June 25, 2009 in Daily Blog
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In an interesting podcast I was listening to while running this morning, Seth Godin was talking about the new way marketers need to think about getting their message out.  He was talking about how most people don’t want to be spam marketed or targeted by groups in a mass approach.  It got me thinking about push verses pull.  My iPhone can fetch (pull) my email messages when I tell it to; it goes out to my email server and picks up the messages on demand  Some phones push the info to the phone, so whether you want them or not at that time,  you are getting your messages.  Either way you get the messages, one way you only get them when you want them, the other way they end up on your phone right when they are sent.  For me, it is better if I pull the messages because they come when I want them, on my schedule not the senders…

The reason this is important is because for generations marketers have had the push approach.  That is why it is called “Mass Media,” because they are sending a message to many people.  I believe that the church has had a push approach.  You need this now, we have it and we pound you with messages about how to get it.  But in the new marketplace of ideas this is no longer valid.  People will search out things that they find value in, want more information about, and are ready for…

So what if we created a church that was so interesting, real, and relevant to where people are today they “pulled” information instead of had it “pushed” on them?  What if as Christ followers we lived lives that were attractive to others because we loved others, served others and had helpful information that people not only needed, but WANTED!!!  They would seek it out willingly, instead of avoiding it because they don’t want it stuffed down their throats…  If people really began to see your faith changing you for the better, my money says they would be likely to pull info from you…

  1. Thanks for these thoughts Graham – I think you have touched on an important point. People have become numb to push marketing. They want relevancy, practicality, and transparency. If we as Christians spent more time personally showing people in our sphere of influence that the Christ-life was relevant then churches would be bursting at the seams!

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