Made With Age

Posted: July 2, 2009 in Daily Blog
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One thing I wonder about when it comes to listening to people talk about creation and evolution and how old the world is…

If there was no sunrise and sunset until the first day, how would you tell time?

If you were creating a rock, would you create it with no age?

If you were populating a forrest would you populate it with seeds and let them grow, or create full grown trees?

Was the first frog a tadpole? the first butterfly a caterpillar? The first fly a larvae?  The first bird an egg?

Was the first Human a baby?

Or maybe God created all of these things with age…  Was the first man 30 years old or 20?  Was the first goat 10 years old or 2?  was the first rock 100 million years old or 2 days?  If you can create it, I imagine you can create it in completeness so it doesn’t have to “grow up” it already is…

I wasn’t there so I cannot be sure, but what if age was as much a part of the created’s characteristics as weight, color, texture, content?  I believe God could do that… do you?  I always wondered…


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