Posted: August 4, 2009 in Daily Blog

One of my favorite things to watch and participate in is baptism.  It is a great picture of someone committing their lives to Jesus.  We don’t have a baptism facility in our new church building, so we have to improvise.


Yes this is a “stock tank,” it is used for watering or dipping farm animals.  We need one.  We borrowed one  last time, but we are in a position now to purchase one.  The “official” baptistry tanks are thousands, and we can get one of these for a couple hundred dollars or less.  I need to go do some research to see how big they actually are, and if you have any familiarity with these kinds of things I would love your comments!

We need a tank big enough to dunk a person in, small enough to move around, and it will most likely need to be stored outside…  if you have ANY ideas or insight let me know!!!

  1. jennifer hutson says:

    The church we attend now does a cool thing for baptisms. Though they do have a ‘built-in’ baptistry area in the auditorium, it is rarely used. Instead, they follow a tradition they started when they were just starting out and didn’t have their own building. One of the elders has a nice swimming pool, and once a year (in August) they have an all-church pitch-in dinner at the home of this elder, and they do baptisms in the pool. It is casual and social and feels like a family reunion.

  2. Scott says:

    I think the stock tanks that are composite might function better without getting bent or dented, and no corrosion over time. I know Pastor Tim at New Covenant up in Larkspur has something like this.

  3. Daphne Gammons says:

    I was baptised in one just like it last year. I belong to a Cowboy Church here in Fannin County and at the time we where meeting in a tractor shed. Although we are now in a new large building, the ‘trough’ is still used in our baptisms.

  4. Kelly Lewis says:

    What about a smaller deep round inflatable pool? It’s easy to store and fairly cheap. They make portable hot tubs like that too. They break down, store in a box and have a cover.

  5. Graham says:

    Great comments! Thank you so much for your participation in this discussion… we are still working through a good solution and will see what happens!

  6. […] baptisms we had to use a “stock tank” because portable baptistry units are expensive, (I talked about that here) but we had a donor cover the cost of a brand new portable […]

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