Growth & Friction

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Daily Blog

Last Sunday as we were working our way through the Book of Acts we talked about how growth usually leads to problems.  When an organization experiences growth it is a good thing most of the time, but it begins to reveal issues that may not have existed before.  Friction usually always develops after growth.  It is what we do with it that makes the difference.  As we looked at the account we were talking about the thing that stood out was that the leaders remained focused on what their priorities were.   FOCUS ALWAYS helps reduce friction.  When we are aware of our focus and know what we are about, then we do what we know to do, and we can move through the friction.  People may or may not like it, but we have to remain focused or we will get off track and eventually become ineffective or unimportant.  If we can keep our focus and priorities in order then we move through the friction to impact.  Impact is what happens when we stay focused and make a difference.  Impact usually always leads back to growth, so the good news is we get through the friction and wind up growing again when we are aware of our focus, the bad news is it starts the cycle again…

The cool thing about this pattern is it is as true in our own lives as it is in organizations.  When you grow as a person, it will probably change the way you do something or treat someone – friction will develop as you try to break old habits or start new behaviors.  Keep focused and you will find as your priorities change that the impact will broaden and you will be ready for more growth.

Here is the model in a graphic:

Acts 6 Illustration Graphic Master

Keep Growing!

  1. Rebekah Blair says:

    This has helped us out already this week. We came across an unexpected bill and my husband was pretty upset – seems it was a mistake on our part. And then he made the comment, “..And I was doing so good today – had my quiet time with the Lord and now this!”… and I was reminded of what you said on Sunday!

    Quiet time with the Lord = Growth
    Unexpected financial burden = Friction
    Realizing God’s STILL in control and this was no surprise to HIM, we keep on trusting = Awareness
    Satan doesn’t bring us down with his “surpise” attack and he hasn’t robbed us of our joy = Impact

    It was GrEaT!!!!… I love teaching that I can really utilize in my everyday life… Keep it coming!

  2. Kelly Lewis says:

    I feel like I’m constantly growing, which is good. Of course I experience some friction along the way. I believe it is how you handle the friction that determines your growth. I may not always be “aware” of the exact problems/frictions but knowing that they are there prepares me for the impact. Anyone that has known me for a long time can tell you I am a huge stresser. I stress about everything. Since I’ve become a Christian and know it is all in God’s hands and He controls everything…not me, I don’t stress about things as much. I believe God puts us in certain situations (some very difficult) to learn. I like to think of my life here as school. I love knowing that when I’m experiencing friction I’m breaking old habbits and growing as a Christian. It really keeps me focused. Satan wants us to lose focus and struggle. Don’t give the devil the power to do that. Stay focused!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I look forward to reading all of your blogs and know there is always something in each one of them for me. You’re doing such an amazing job!

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