Posted: September 8, 2009 in Daily Blog
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I am not a huge tennis fan.  If the US Open is on, I am usually not paying a bit of attention.  I don’t really understand the scoring system, or the etiquette, and would prefer to watch football or golf.  BUT this year it is different.  I found myself not only watching the Open, but also actually rooting for the new tennis phenom from Georgia.  She is incredibly energetic, surprised by the lime-light, and seems very humble.  It is a great story of an unknown rising to the challenge before her and with her simple mantra stamped on her shoes, “believe” she is taking the Open by storm.  She has made it to the quarter finals, and this simple “girl next door” personality makes her very like-able.

She has become known as a “giant slayer” taking down the Russian champions one at a time, by playing her game and not giving up.  With effort, belief in yourself and determination, there is no telling what you can do…


  1. Jesse says:

    Catie and I watched her play yesterday. Good fun. She screams “Come on” a lot and looks completely outmatched and has beaten 3 biggies now. We’ll see how she does this next round. I just love the fact that when she answers questions she is real still and just excited.

  2. Michael Lockyer says:

    …and she has super cool shoes!

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