A Million Pieces

Posted: September 15, 2009 in Daily Blog
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Do you love action movies?  If so, you have probably seen the scene a few times – the one where a character goes flying backwards out a window.  Ususally it is in slow motion; the guy’s arms are kinda flailing around, there are a million pieces of glass floating around him, and the background is darker so the glass stands out a little more.

I feel a little bit like that guy right now.  I am floating, arms flailing and watching all these pieces spin and turn and glisten in the light.  The pieces are all the things that need to get done; building teams, sending emails, finding the right person for a task or role, defining the tasks and roles, thinking about the future, all the things that could be improved upon to make for a better experience THIS Sunday, connecting dots between things that depend on each other!  Not to mention all the stuff in my personal life!!!  All this has me off balance and overwhelmed.  There is an urgency to this for me because I know how good it will be, and part of my personality naturally looks at how to make things better, so it is a ton of internal pressure that I place on myself I know…  but non-the-less pressure is pressure.

Rev Run’s Words of Wisdom today:

Good morning. Patience is the weapon that forces deception to reveal itself!  Patience will reveal any flaw in your most carefully laid plan – Dr Murdoch (Remember) Patience is the companion of wisdom.

I am working on patience, perspective, and priorities this week…

  1. Lacie says:

    Hey Graham! Thinking of you and just took a little time to pray for you and Trish and the kiddos. Your blog made me think of Paul’s chaotic life and just like him, I’m praying you find the secret of contentment – You can do all things through the One who strengthens you 🙂 – He empowers (4:13) and He supplies (4:19). Hoping His power and provision give you a lift this week sweet friend!

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