Quick Post

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Daily Blog

Sorry things have been so sporadic here…  other things have crowded out my time to post.  I came accross this post from a great leader’s blog and though I should share it with you and encourage you to take the challenge like he did …  here it is: sometime in the next 24 hours, ask your spouse these questions and have them ask you back.

1) Have you ever had sex with someone other than me since we have been married?
2) Where have I become slack in my efforts to make you feel important?
3) Men ask your wife to complete this sentence: I think its romantic
when you_____.
4) Women ask your husband to complete this sentence:I feel the most
appreciated and respected when you________.
5)Are you engaging in anything online that you be ashamed of if I found out?

These kinds of honest conversations help keep us focused on our spouses, especially when life seems to pull us apart.  Open dialogue is an important way to keep everyone on the same page!


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