Posted: October 7, 2009 in Daily Blog

I need a hobby.  Something that I can get absorbed in for a few hours a week to keep my stress level down and stop thinking so much about the church and other things going on around me.  I like to play golf, but it can get expensive and the only way to get better at is it to spend a lot of time playing…  Plus I would like the hobby to be something Trish and I can do together.  She doesn’t like golf.  We go to movies together a couple times a month, but that isn’t really a hobby.  Bowling is lame in my opinion, so that is out.  I wish I was handy like my Dad, he has a wood shop and I would love to be good at making wood things – but my projects always wind up looking like something a kid makes at a Home Depot Son & Dad workshop.  I am not good at thinking of hobbies, so I need your help.

What kinds of things do you do as a hobby, what do you do as a couple that has been fun?  Have you heard of something you would like to start as a hobby?

I am sure you will come up with creative and fun ideas, so share away!

  1. kimar070 says:

    Um…hiking, fishing, play an instrument, something to do with art, whittling, or some kind of sport. Photography!! That gets really expensive though. Maybe learn a new language together? You two should pick up racing 🙂 I’m all out, I can’t think of anything else right now.

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